Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.2 Windows (Patch-V.R) Torrent Download

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Fixed problem in Pro tool

* Automation breakpoints are no longer added unnecessarily when editing clips with Automation enabled. (PTSW-173028)

* Superimposed audio automation, which is then processed using the Strip Silence command, remains intact. (PTSW-170804)

* Very large files exported to Interplay are not quarantined. (PTSW-154522)

* The host name / IP address of the web service is now stored under the Send to Play exports. (PTSW-172334)

* The capture select function in Detective Beat now determines the correct ending time based on the resolution of the selected note, not the actual transition point. (PTSW-172978)

Fixed problem in Pro tool

* Junk data is no longer added to the end of records that are skipped under certain conditions. (PTSW-170032)

* In the Pro Tools HDX system, the session now contains no unwanted noise in certain mixer configurations. (PTSW-166529)

* With increasing sampling rates, waveforms, the beginning of the clip outside the screen, the image is now accurate (no late sample). (PTSW-162497)

* If you click the “Automation after editing” button, the current selection is now correctly updated to reflect the status of the new button. (PTSW-170044)

* Automatic transition points outside the nested selection area, which correspond to the marginal value of the entered automation (redundant breakpoints), do not change during installation. (PTSW-171725)

* AudioSuite operations that use the “Whole File” option will no longer cause unwanted changes to the audio data or cause unexpected shutdowns of Pro Tools. (PTSW-170456, PTSW-170920)

* In dynamic transport mode with time setting turned on and selection operation, playback stops moving until selection begins. (PTSW-172367)

System requirements for HD 10 software

Windows system

* Computer: Windows based computer (see Details)

* System software (32 or 64-bit) for Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate Edition with Windows 7 Service Pack 1

* General RAM system: 4 GB minimum, 8 GB (or more) recommended

Additional requirements

* About tools | HD audio interface (required) and peripherals (see Details)

* Audio Requirements: One or more hard drives for audio recording and playback (see Details)

* System hard disk: a minimum hard disk space of 15 GB is required to install Pro Tools

* Graphics Card: Highly Recommended Video Cards (more)

* Video peripherals (see Details)

* Storage and interaction with Avid (see details)

Pro Tools software settings

* Satellite video with media composers (more)

* Engine control (see Details)

* Satellite connection (see Details)

* LE video satellite (see Details)


* Installation with media composers (see Details)

* Mac collected information (see Details)

Driver update

* Download and install the latest driver for your hardware.

Languages: English (US), French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish.


Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.2 Windows (Patch-V.R)


QuickTime Torrent

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Apples Classic Media Player QuickTime is a multimedia application developed by Apple that is capable of handling different formats of digital video, image, audio, panoramic and interactivity. It is basically a video player, but with more functionality than most, as it can also act as a video editor. It’s the default program on Macs, but Windows support and development has been halted since 2016.

Can you play it? As Apple is the standard movie player on the Mac, QuickTime is compatible with all videos purchased on iTunes or Apple TV and is also optimized for the Mac. It features advanced video call compression technology to deliver excellent, clear HD video with less bandwidth and storage, many have preferred this quality for years. Despite compatibility with the host device, QuickTime supports less audio and video formats than other video players, most of which are open source and can be used on any operating system. QuickTime can still play these unsupported formats, but you will need to download and install the appropriate codecs, even if there are some technical issues. QuickTime does not have a powerful format compatible with most other players, such as VLC Media Player. VLC can easily play any media file and does not require you to search the Internet for anything to work. QuickTime can encode and transcode your digital files directly into other formats, but it cannot compete with the ease with which other players can run (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Versatile and bold people Some people may know QuickTime better because of its versatility, especially when you switch to the paid paid Pro version. Videos are not only available with itQuickTime, but also with any type of multimedia file. You can also become a video editor and customize your videos by cutting, rotating, splitting or merging multiple video clips. Other popular features include the ability to record what’s happening on the screen, broadcast live videos with QuickTime Broadcaster and even upload your videos directly to social media and video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. In addition, there are several plug-ins that offer more interesting options in QuickTime. However, this is only great if you have a Mac. QuickTime is no longer compatible with Windows, and the lack of updates and fixes takes you to the best media players you can use for Apple at Microsoft. QuickTime has been a great media player for years, no doubt. Back then, people preferred this to all players because of all the unique features. Apple even installed it with its latest operating systems and is constantly improving it. Unfortunately, while it is an amazing application and a must-have item for Mac users, non-Mac users can no longer enjoy it, especially when there are other features that outperform it in terms of superior performance and a wider variety of formats. For Windows, it doesn’t help that many of the errors that persist in the program after Apple’s interruption of compatibility make Windows computers vulnerable to hacking and viruses.



EarthView 6.3 free download torrent

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EarthView has two modes, I’ve written about it before. If you decide to create a screen saver, you can see a very detailed view of a planet, planet or map, all depending on the setting you set. If you trust the developers, the high quality, high resolution images, the color will be saturated, this is what distinguishes it from the others, which is not so much, I don’t even remember seeing analogy or not. All the parameters responsible for image production can be configured in detail, even in English, but I think it takes a bit of effort and you can understand the little chips that are there because it’s important to adjust the quality of the images. for a specific team. if you do not have enough images recommended by EarthView,
From features you can see to excellent Earth viewer quality, support for day and night changes, atmospheric phenomena, city lights visible, clouds also displayed, interchangeable maps, EarthView displays local time in more 3000 cities, there is also the ability to work with multi-monitor systems as well as support for 64-bit systems. In general, I think you can complete the description of EarthView, I think this program can be useful. This is not a pirate account, we first use patches, then save the license file and before we forget to select the product from the menu, otherwise, the medicine is universal.

Developer: DeskSoft
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 21 MB
Operating System: Windows

How to install:
1). Instructions are included as needed.
2). That’s all, I enjoy it

EarthView 6.3


VMware Fusion Pro 11 Portable torrent

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It took a long time to get my hands on adding the VMware Fusion Pro software to our piggy bank, so I decided to do it. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to run on your MAC devices, boot Windows, and around a hundred or even several systems at a time from Mac applications without having to restart. Users who have the nickname “home” will enjoy the convenience of working and convenience, and cool professionals will enjoy the wonderful opportunities.

License: ShareWare
English language
Size: 516 MB
OS: MacOS +
Version: Build 15870345

How to install:
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VMware Fusion Pro 11


R Wipe

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A new version of the powerful enough free disk space release tool has appeared. Cleanup also allows you to keep sensitive sensitive information in any news you are asked to download from R-Wipe
The program can create merged lists containing files and folders to delete, so you can delete all spam with a single click. Of course, R-wipe

Developer: R-Tools Technology In
License: ShareWare
Language: English + multiple
Size: 22 MB
Operating system: Windows

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R Wipe & Clean 20