Windows 7-10 v1809 X64 21in1 OEM UEFI PTB MARCH 2019 {Gen2} download

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* Windows 7-10 v1809 X64 21in1 OEM UEFI PTB MARCH 2019

* Redstone 5 Build

* File:

* Size: 11.1 GB

* Format: Bootable ISO

* CRC32: 7692304a

* MD5: 4f9dffc741cdf25919911992d16f4367

* SHA-1: 3af8f73f7f018d1221fc8a4c6da0bfdf0c356ab7

Built-in / pre-installed:

* End user execution time for IE11 & DirectX

* .NET Framework

* Important and security updates – 2019-03-12

* Stack Update Service:

* KB4470788

* Cumulative Update:

* KB4489899

* Cumulative update for

* .NET Framework and:

* KB4486553

* Flash Player Security Update:

* KB4489907

SetupComplete / Post-install:

* .NET Framework

* Defender updates


* Windows 7 Home Premium – STD / DAZ / OEM

* Windows 7 Professional – STD / DAZ / OEM

* Windows 7 Enterprise – – STD / KMS

* Windows 7 Ultimate – – – STD / DAZ / OEM

* Windows 10 Home – – – – -STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10 Pro – – – – – – STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10 training – – STD / DLA

* Windows 10 Enterprise – -STD / DLA

* STD = Standard installation – for those with their own license key

* DAZ = Loader activated by DAZ

* KMS = Enabled by OnlineKMS script

* DLA = Enabled by DigitalLicense Script

* OEM (original equipment manufacturer) automatically

* activation of the original version installed by the manufacturer.

* Ready for UEFI

* split for UEFI support (FAT32)

* (Use an attached Rufus USB utility to make UEFI bootable)

* Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit (Microsoft DaRT)

* Create a bootable USB (recommended) with Rufus,

* (connected) or burn to BD-R at slow speed.

* WindowsAddict, author of activation script

* I hope you like this edition!

* To understand,

* Generation2

Windows 7-10 v1809 X64 21in1 OEM UEFI PTB MARCH 2019 {Gen2}


Imo 64 Bit torrent

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Free Chat for EveryoneImo is a free chat and messaging system for your computer that allows users to send and receive messages with voice or video calls. The app is also available for most mobile devices, so you can communicate with others no matter where they are or who they contact you (function () {(‘review-application-side-desktop’);} ); Imo is a good choice for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional apps like Skype. In addition to text messages, voice or video calls, you can also send pictures or other types of files. The only cost you pay is your Internet fees. The biggest difficulty in using this service is that your friends are probably not using it. And although it was previously known to be an attraction for security purposes, it does not confirm the improvement or improvement of this encryption. If your web security is not an issue, the downside of this app is that it is full of useful features like secret chat mode, groups and free stickers that you can use to express yourself. Imo video and voice calls are of high quality. Calls and messages Imo is a communication tool that allows you to send SMS and make video or voice calls. The Imo application can be installed on several devices so that this service can replace the normal functions of your phone even when you are on your computer. When using the software, you can create a contact group to which all users will receive messages and call messages. Voice and video call options are available in group settings. Previously, the service served as an intermediary for all of your popular messaging services. It was used to link to Google Plus, Yahoo, Facebook and Skype. Nowadays, this connection function cannot be found and the application is the operator of your factory messaging service. File sharing If you use Imo to send messages, you can attach a picture or a video file. This Imo file transfer system works the same way as Skype, with the ability to send all types of files. Free Stickers You can easily express yourself in your Imo app when chatting with one of the many free stickers available. With this option, it can work better than your normal feelings on a mobile device. Is it safe? Security is always an issue when using an online service, especially a service like Imo PC. The service does not have a very good reputation for the security of these users and may risk your own account information when registering. Imo is currently encrypted to prevent third party sites from accessing your data. That this encryption is as strong as what WhatsApp uses is unanswered, but since the alternative is more popular, it is likely that Imo does not have as strong security. The Imo terms of use do not mention any of your voice or video encryption or account protection services. The software is provided “as is” and is not responsible for unsuccessful eventsthat could arise with your data. The low popularity of social media and communication applications, such as Imo for Windows, represents almost a dozen dollars. If your friends are using WhatsApp or Skype, it’s unlikely you can convince them to use Imo if they haven’t already done so. Managing multiple accounts or applications, especially on the desktop, can be an issue as they take up storage space and resources. Each country is different and uses specific applications; this should be kept in mind when using IMO for international friends or contacts. Confidentiality? Imo’s privacy concerns are not limited to its security. Depending on the terms of use, we can use your content in different ways, authorized by our privacy policy … and by allowing others to do the same with our own websites and multimedia platforms. Your content will also be stored on their server and mobile advertising identifiers will be used. Although the latter is common for websites and search engines, it is said to go too far. Quality Imo is only known for its high quality voice and video calls. The screen is comparable to an alternative service like Discord. Not to mention that using a webcam on the desktop is more powerful than using a mobile device, it offers better usability. Using data on devices, whether you use a desktop computer or a laptop, Imo can work with almost any Internet signal. Imo calls work on new and old devices running between 4G and as old as 2G. Options Due to security concerns with Imos, you or your friends may not want to use this application for instant messaging. Fortunately, there are many options available. WhatsApp is another platform messaging service that costs nothing. Just enter your number and confirm it before using the app. Discord is designed for gamers and community users. You can send private messages, create groups, or use servers. Voice and video calls are possible as well as screen sharing. Skype is similar to Imo. It requires an account and can be used to make group and voice calls. Skype has an additional feature that allows you to use the money purchased to manage the application like an ordinary mobile phone. Facebook Messenger is a powerful service on a popular social network. From FB, you can send SMS and various files, start a video or voice call and share publications. This app is a good choice for normal use of the messaging service in everyday life, because the overall quality is better than the options. The app should not be used for commercial or private purposes due to lack of security. The greatest vulnerability remains unresolved and there is no guarantee of confidentiality. Your friends will not abandon the preferred applications because the original connection of the application is no longer available.



Windows 10 Manager 3.0.2 Final Patch torrent download

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Windows 10 Manager is a system tool that helps to optimize, adjust, repair and clean Windows 10. It will increase system speed, eliminate system errors, improve security and system service throughout your 10 Manager is a system of tools that helps to optimize, adjust, repair and clean Windows 10. This will increase system speed, eliminate errors, improve system security and meet all your expectations

Windows 10 Manager 3.0.2 Final + Patch


Microsoft Word 2010 Lil JJ Download

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Important message: Microsoft Word 2010 no longer clicks the download button for this application, it redirects you to a new version of Word. You can also get a Premium version and get more from the Office Suite

Microsoft Word is a powerful companion for all tasks related to creating, editing and validating text on your computer. Works with all popular document formats, including support for saving emails or email documents through Outlook as soon as you type (function () {(‘application-page-view-desktop’);});


Whether you’re writing from scratch or using one of the many templates included, Microsoft Word will help you with a variety of tools: spreadsheets, text formatting options, color schemes, images and chart insertion support, and more. Microsoft Word also includes powerful tools for checking spelling and viewing documents containing highlighted text and personal information. Video support is not yet available.


In general, Microsoft Word is a great tool for editing text, from simple notes to complex reports containing images, images and

Microsoft Word is a popular text editor because it’s friendly and user friendly.

Microsoft Word’s text editor is part of Microsoft Office. This business and production software has the ability to create beautiful and interesting documents. All the essential technical document processing tools are included. With the application, users can create documents for functional and professional document writing. Microsoft Word contains powerful tools that are ideal for any type of writing task. Use this text editor to turn your ideas into interesting documents. He is proud of the technology and intellectual technology that represents the best words. From spelling and grammar corrections to stylistic comments to writing this program, there are all steps to help you write confidently. Also good for writing CV with (function () {(‘preview-page-page-desktop’);}); The app also allows users to work with other office programs without having to break from the window. Users can receive text and copies from PowerPoint, referenced research articles and even information from the web. They will be on their way to doing research online. Microsoft Word supports real-time collaboration between users. Just one click to share the document and invite others to edit or comment. Users can define language settings and access to help others in the document. More easily, users who subscribe to Office 365 can view and edit any Microsoft Word document on any device (mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac). Office 365 registry also provides 1 TB of disk space in the OneDrive cloud, enabling users to share and edit files. It also has advanced security features to prevent data breaches. You can also access Microsoft Word in the browser and it has additional services and features, such as free templates Microsoft and Microsoft 365, which simplify Microsoft Word – the best software for creating a refined document. Provides users with powerful tools to promote promotion and easy to print. The application also provides additional services that allow users to invite contacts to edit and comment in real time. With this tool in your hands, speeding up a document launch has never been easier.

Microsoft Word 2010